Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween ect.

Quick post:

Halloween night was great. I got to reconnect with a few people I hadn't seen all summer, and dance a lot, and watch my sister jump over a firepit and convince several other people to do it. God loves a man who has a dance floor in his house. I ended up covering myself in glitter by doing my eye makeup fucked up, and at the first party I went to, someone asked me if I was from Twilight, so I had to come up with something as a title. I decided to tell people I was the girl you shouldn't cheat on your girlfriend with, and then watched people's faces all night while they "got it". Cause, you know, all the glitter. None of you people watch enough crime shows. I wasn't allowed to have my camera that night, so here's a picture I stole from Dawn of the BEST COSTUME OF THE NIGHT, Thomas's. Though Dawn's boils and adorable fuzzy rat were really well done too. I want that rat. If I was a worse person, I would have totally mugged her for it. Then I would have stolen Corrigan's sunglasses.

Sunday, 5pm was morning time, and I had a crepe, some coffee, a little beer. Watched Hurt Locker, which was overrated a little I think. It was good, but the ending was too much to bear, and then also, I might have liked the movie more if they went with a different structure. Like, here, let's just show this team diffusing bombs again and again, but every scenario will be worse. First there will be one bomb, then 3 then 20, then...which they did, but then they also interjected all this "personal" stuff. Just make it threat after threat after threat, and people just keep dying, and then boom, it's over.

Today, we went to tango lessons, which were so much fun. Only we had an odd number of people, so I kept dancing with girls, which meant that I was leading most of the time, which meant when I did have a guy partner, I wasn't so good at following. I want to be good at following. So I need to find a guy to go with me next week, to make our group more knit. I love hanging out with Amy though, she's so fun, and Andrew is always enjoyable, and in general just a really good vibe to the thing. People are nice, and they made us do this exercise where we had to keep a quarter up between us on our chests, but no one was weird or uncomfortable about it. I did however wear heels for a good four hours, which reminds me why I don't wear heels but also why I wish I did. It's so much fun to wear them, you're all high and straight and you have to walk with purpose. But shit, they hurt my toes. However, you can't dance without heels.

Then I bought a bag of discounted halloween candy on my way home, and now here I am. Had a beer with my downstairs neighbors, and now I'm going to eat Dots and write. Maybe, MAYBE I will try Nanowrimo this year. We'll see how much I get done tonight. I'm already 24 hours behind people, but it's not like it's a race. I mean, it is in a couple of heads, but not mine. In my head, it's like a...slow tortuous reminder of how to schedule hours in a day. I mean, I'll be honest, this is probably not going to happen. But it's fun to pretend you think it can.

Amy's dad tonight brought up that he used to scuba dive in Lake Erie by shipwrecks. I love when people remind you how much stuff I've forgotten I have to do in my lifetime, that I still have time to do.


  1. You can never-- NEVER-- have enough plague doctor.

  2. Ever.

    He put prescription lenses in his mask!


  3. I want you to do nanowrimo and post it. For it would make me happy. And really, isn't it all about my needs?

  4. If I do it, I will post the whole 50,000 word thing in your comments section.

  5. Damnit. You made me smile twice. Also, I'm still shimmying.


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