Sunday, November 7, 2010

Memo Pad from the Weekend

1. must make bourbon mousse layered with pumpkin cake and topped with pralines, or make Lauren's friend do it for me

2. must go through and erase all those episodes of NewsRadio on my DVR, they are populating like gerbils.

3. the fact that I don't have a Roald Dahl tattoo is sort of bugging me - little boy flying fighter plane?

4. don't forget I have that 6 pack of Christmas Ale in the backseat, must take in at some point before I go to the Happy Dog or someone may bust out my window

5. Sarah says we have to do 80s karaoke, and sing Pat Benetar. Only after she makes good on the REO.

6. new drinking goal - get Camilla drunk enough to actually do a shot of bubblegum and whipped cream vodkas combined. She was almost there last night.

7. Reread Broca's Brain

8. It's almost time to get a phone. So start looking. Do they have robot dinosaur phones yet? Like, little walking talking dinos only then they speak with your friend's voice? Get engineering degree and invent this.

9. Must get that damn tiara. Also coffeemaker, haircut, and love.

10. Find his copy of Dune.

11. Remember to bring the alcoholic whipped cream to Ladies Pine Collective and Waffles next week. DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A FOOL.

12. Only date guys who own three piece suits, and/or hats they inherited from their grandfathers. Be firm on this. Also they must always sing along to ELO, no exceptions.

13. Burn a Descendants CD. Buy eyeliner. NOT RELATED EXCEPT IN CONCEPT.

14. Get Passport photo.


  1. Alcoholic whipped cream? It's like someone read my diary...

  2. Damnit. Libby beat me. Because I asked her nicely. And then she covered me in alcoholic whipped cream. Yeah. About my brain.

  3. I like the frequency of alcohol in your to-do list. Note to Noa: make that happen.


  5. The only reason it didn't happen is because I wasn't willing to share your pain.

    I will be prepared next time, I will live in constant anticipation of the peak opportunity.

  6. The Merry Arts had the whipped cream as their shot of the day last Wednesday. $1 whipped goodness.


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