Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Fun of Feces

This has been an ongoing drama in my tiny little apartment. Why won't the cat stop scooting her butt on our couches/beds/random pieces of clothing on the floor?

Recently Sean and I had come to the conclusion that she was doing it on purpose. We saw her lean down and clean herself all the time. And immediately after she would lean forward, paws in front, intent look on her face.....

We've thrown toilet paper, books, pens, at her. Nothing deters her. She knows she's not supposed to be doing it, because when I glare at her and point my finger, she stops and walks away, like nothings wrong.

This morning, I took a wet towel and scrubbed down my cats ass. It was disgusting. Nothing but poop and more poop.

Then I rubbed some anti-inflammatory/antibiotic cream on her poor bright red butthole. And I waited.

I knew she wouldn't be able to take something on her ass, so I waited for her to clean it or scoot it. Something to prove one way or the other if this was voluntary or born out of neccesity.

And the good news is.......she didn't scoot it off! But she also didn't clean it off! She tried like hell, but she really couldn't reach it. She could reach everywhere around there, and she really put her back into it. But the cream remained. Which is great! It means she isn't scooting because she has to clean it, she's scooting because she can't clean it and it probably itches like crazy.

This is actually good news because it means I can stop having cat feces all over my house eventually. I just have to clean my cats butt three times a day and put cream on it. Yay!

And the bad news is....I just ate some coffee ice cream and now there is a long brown smear on the side of my hand. Which I think is ice cream.