Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get To Know Your Cleveland Monsters

I know I sound like a fourteen year old reading a book report, but...I am also wearing a tiara.

Also, let me just mention, for the record, way more of you people have prom queen complexes than I thought.


  1. I loved it. I thought you did a great job. The piano stuff was my favorite part.

    I plan to tell people I have a prom queen complex.

  2. Thanks! It was great meeting you guys, even if only for a brief terror filled time.

  3. I LOVE it! Wish I could have been there.


  4. Sorry. I've had a house guest. I've been a horrible blogger. Bad Elly.

    First, that is not what I thought your voice would sound like. At all. I think I like you even more now.

    Second, I too love all the piano things, but I love it when you talk about chairs most. I was just trying to explain to my guest yesterday about how magic your piece about the newborn chair was. I didn't do it very well.


  5. Aw, you came all the way back over here to read it cause I whined. That's so sweet.

    Did you think I was going to have deep sophisticated smoke filled voice? Or be a man? Or have a russian accent Man I wish I had a Russian accent.

  6. I did think deeper and smokier! Kathleen Turner esque, even.

  7. Nope. 14 yr old Brownie Scout in a tiara.


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