Monday, November 29, 2010

My Cyber Monday post: So, My Friends Are In This Band....

When the first person today used the term Cyber Monday, I immediately thought of those Tassimo coffeebot commercials, and that Cyber Monday must be the day that all of those coffeemakers come alive and start murdering us in our bed.

Sadly, it's just some stupid marketing shit, and I don't say that because it's marketing, but because it's shit. However, it gives me a good segue for talking about robots.

There are three people I like very much, and their names are Dawn, Andrew, and Lori. They have a band. There's this 4th member Jim who I don't know, but he's cute and seems nice, so I'm sure someday I will like him very much too. Some of you may remember Dawn from the awesome wedding with the bunny/butterfly cake I went to in October. Well, when she's not being a beautiful bride, she's singing opera. No, I'm not joking. I wish I was joking, cause then I wouldn't be like "shit, why am I not a pretty redhead who sings opera and marries nice guys?" It's a question that keeps me up at night. Anyway, their band is not opera, it's more like if robots had an underground indie music scene, and played shows at coffeeshops only for other robots, and then when you tried to go to a show they all stared at you, and you could totally tell they were going to write ironic robot tweets about you later. It's called Missile Command, they've been doing it for years. I think they even won a Best Of Scene category? This past Friday they released their new album, The Future, and I think it's just the best promo art ever, so this is a gratuitous plug for them. Go buy their album on iTunes. I apparently can't, because I am blackballed from all Apple products. No, that's not true. I hope. What is true is that I cannot create an iTunes account no matter what I do. I'm all like "Apple, here is EVERY EMAIL ADDRESS I HAVE" and they're all like, okay so we're going to verify your account and everything, then pretend we didn't get any of your info. Fuck you Apple. The album is also available on their website, if you're like me and on Apple's most hated list.

Here, listen to your robot overlords.
Missile Command - Brand New Day

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