Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey Everybody, Watch the President Being Funnier Than You

C'mon, it's totally worth ten minutes of your time. Honest. My favorite part is when he calls Michael Steele "The Notorious G.O.P.". Also when he makes fun of CNN for having a guy who points out Iceland is too cold to have a volcano.

"There are like, hundreds."

Also, earlier tonight I watched the second episode of The History of US on the History Channel. In the first twenty seconds they flashed to a roaring attacking bear. That image was repeated three times. They actually started the episode with a flaming meteor headed for America, that explodes! But they only showed that part once. Did you know people used to be so stupid, they thought beaver pelts were the same as money? True story.

I only got about as far as Lewis and Clark, which is the best part of the whole Go West story always. The bear finally attacked actually, and tore the head off some trapper who lived! Cause he had American Grit! I will let you know how the rest of it turns out. I'm sure lots of pregnant women in covered wagons bite it.

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