Monday, May 24, 2010

The Lost Finale (sort of spoilers?)

I watched the finale with my friends, bringing a bottle of vodka with me. We cried a little at Charlie, and again at Juliet. Our tears dried up towards the end when Kate started being all Serious Half Smile Kate, like she had eaten a canary and wanted to tickle Jack's dick with it's bloody feathers.

Then the final fifteen minutes started. Jack's father appears, in a church. There is a donkey wheel in the stained glass. Matt, heavily intoxicated, starts yelling "THIS IS BULLSHIT. THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT". Colleen and I start yelling at him to SHUT THE FUCK UP MATT. He keeps yelling BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT, and finally leaves the room for a minute.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT MATT? It totally was bullshit. I mean, TUNISIA for christ sakes. So I'm sorry I yelled at you Matt. You were only mouthing the disappointment of most of the viewing audience. Except the dickwads who had been saying this would be the ending all along, and felt dimly self-satisfied. Because they have NO IMAGINATION and now they can go back to watching The Ghost Whisperer.

I promise I have an exploration post later today. But I'm going to THINK about it and MAKE IT GOOD so you all aren't disappointed.



  1. "There is now 'now' here."

    Everyone was there because whenever they died they went there. So if penny lived to be 80 she showed up. And poor Aaron prolly lived a nice long life then turned a day old and went there.

    Not that it wasn't bullshit. It was emotionally satisfying, I thought, but narratively not so much.

  2. But see, if I go along with that interpretation, which is probably the right one, then I'm EVEN ANGRIER. CAUSE THAT'S EVEN LAMER.

    Also it implies that even for Aaron, who was a baby, his most important days were on the island and he never did anything better his whole life than get born. Also, if that's the case, then why isn't Sun's daughter there? Or Penny's son? Or ANYONE ELSE IN THEIR LIVES?

  3. I guess what I'm saying is that emotionally it was a rip off too. Because the characters I cared most about, the "special" children, were nowhere to be seen.

  4. I certainly won't defend.

    I knew going in most details that I cared about, more of the metaphysics, would not be addressed. I was just hoping for proper endings for the characters they were still tracking, which for the most part went OK. Noble sacrifice, selflessly defense of the island, some return to life and normalcy... of course they used the Sideways limbo as a cheat for those who ended poorly (Sun & Jin, hello). Like it doesn't matter that their story was cut short because they get to "move on".

    I had my expectations set very low, I guess.

  5. like she had eaten a canary and wanted to tickle Jack's dick with it's bloody feathers.

    its early but I'm pretty sure nothing will top this today.

    and because I've never really seen Lost that is all I can add to this.


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