Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I remember you sterilizing your midwife tools on the stove, and me pulling out all the pots and pans onto that kitchen floor which was red and orange tile in which I could trace faces in the pattern. And I remember those awesome yellow flowery curtains, which I really want now. The awesome dress up clothes we got from the place that used to be across from Lutheran Hospital, the black dress with the day glo flowers. And when you made us those bonnets so we could play Little House on the Prairie, only Carrie and I just fought about who got to be Laura and who got to be Mary. And remember when you found the snake eggs I had hidden under a blanket in my room, cause the twins down the street had thrown them out in an aquarium and I didn't want them to die. And the flower fairy books, the little ones, that we used to play fairies in the yard? And all the fucking kittens I went through. Bouncing on your bed upstairs while you had meetings in the living room? Getting East Coast Custard with you any time we had to drive to Parma for the dentist? The Indian costume you made me for Halloween one year, where you drew the pictures on it with marker? Or how about the California Raisins costume. Or the Doritos costume. I remember coloring in your Grays Anatomy with the pencils, and the little raspberry candies you used to keep in your desk. I remember your graduation from nursing school, and I think I remember which church it was at, sometimes I drive by it, but actually there's like 18 churches in this area that look like that. Remember when you got Fox? Remember Easters at St. Boniface when I sang with the choir and you kept telling me I should wear my hair out of my face? And the time the bat got into the cabin at Lake Hope? Also all those damn turkeys you loved that would wake us up at 6am. Watching Mystery on Thursday nights when they used to have Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot on all the time? Oh, and when Sunday nights used to be X-Files nights?

Remember when you made that joke about the giant vagina with teeth that ate Tokyo? You should, since it was like, last year.

Happy's Mothers Day. I know you worry that all I remember are the bad times between us, but it turns out only the important stuff sticks.


  1. Love this portrait. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Hi, Bridget. I know you don't know me, but I have to comment that this post truly touched me. I hope my little girl will one day have such detailed memories of our time together. I'm like all goose-bumpy and stuff now!

  3. Love this blog. It is good to remember the important stuff-A Dorito-bet you were cute. I used to shop at the store across from the Lutheran hospital-they had good stuff.

  4. and your mommy had some awesome times together! i hope you printed this out and gave it to her as a card so she can keep it somewhere close by to look at she ages.


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