Thursday, June 19, 2008

Severed feet in running shoes keep washing up on the shores of Canada
and now someone is making fake ones

And they are all right feet, and the scientisty dudes running the investigation say they are floating to the surface after separating from the bodies, because the sneakers have air in the soles. Only the right ones, yo?

So my question is this...has anyone here read Jennifer Government?

My point is...what kind of sneakers are they? I want those! I want the ones that will float to the surface and make identifying my scattered remains that much easier.


  1. You know, I did start to read Jennifer Government, but I lost interest around the mall shooting. It just seemed too laughably dehumanized, even for super capitalist horror land.

  2. No matter what land you're in, people will shoot you for sneakers.

  3. No, no, the sneaker shooting made total sense. It was the whole ho-ha with the ambulance right afterwards that seemed over the top.


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