Thursday, June 26, 2008

I really do have a substantial post in me, it's just marinating for now.
Though I did notice that when I was not working (ie in training) I wrote a lot more, and now that I'm working its back to youtube videos.
But also I've been working on a story, so the juices must flow (congeal? flash freeze? Pool like stale gelatin?) in that direction.

But here's something I saw last night on Mtv that is simply hysterical....mostly to me, because of the smirk on his face the entire time, especially when he's saying "make a serious decision"

Once again, the youtube comments are great.

"This video is about taboo issues kool"

"What's up with the gay guys? (the black dude and the white dude)"

"don't understand the old man with the oxygen mask. How is that a taboo?"

"I'm sure it also has to do with doctor assisted suicide a.k.a. euthanasia."

"actually...yes this video was made as a political statement (obviously) but the song was originally written about the music business and how a lot of musicians care more about making money and being famous than making good music. They make a similar point in their song piss and vinegar which is about shitty bands like panic at the disco"

YES Panic At The Disco IS A SHITTY BAND.

The entire video is like a bastard mix of Oasis and every bad song on q104 ever
(the "soft" rock station here)

But more importantly, they just seem so disingenuous. I actually think My Chemical Romance is more sincere than these fucks. Also I'm just so sick of that particular aethestic, which I don't even know how to describe besides throwing out the random nouns that compose it "country, marching band, creepy mustaches, bad age makeup, oldtimey toys, really expensive scarves".

Carrie is having a show at the Beachland on my birthday (July 10th). I already bitched her out for scheduling it that day, but of course I'm still going, and you are too.

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  1. ChemoRomo at least wrote a good comic (nee "Umbrella Academy")


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