Friday, March 26, 2010

Well I, for one, think you're wonderful. <3, your secret girl crush admirer

Thanks. I think you're wonderful too, because I think anyone that thinks I'm wonderful must be smart, funny, good looking, and forgiving. Also probably has a desk job. Hopefully with a good retirement plan.

Are you reading this Boy? Don't be stingy with The Wire. I have other options.

Don't mind the haters Bridget. We love you.

It's funny, cause before I went to bed last night, I got called a hater. Which is not odd. The Boy calls me a hater at least twice a day. At first I found it confusing, because I thought a hater was somebody who talked shit about people that were more talented than them. But? I mean? C'mon. Drake? Squidbillies? Buddhism? Versus Me? Now I realize it's his way of admitting he's a hater, by hating on me. Also, he's psychologically incapable of giving compliments, something I like about him, because it makes me have to work for them. So when he's calling me a hater, he's actually saying "you're the most wonderful girl in the city, and you have the best most discerning taste."

Alright people, ask me some real questions.

Ask me anything


  1. DUDE! I have a desk job AND a retirement plan! I AM funny AND smart! My husband thinks I am good looking! I gotta work on being more forgiving but at least I recognize that I need to do that.

    So yeh. I must think you're wonderful. yep. fuck the haters.

  2. See, I knew it.
    Don't worry, reading this blog is like an indulgence, you get forgiven for smacking dumb people upside the head and not doing your taxes in January.


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