Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March

"Ay, they have come, but they are not gone."

Today I have canoodled, grocery shopped, had to call my health insurance company, slept for three more hours in the middle of the day, read too much about Rielle Hunter, and listened to a song detailing the death of Pokemon. Now I have to clean my house. Which means I should not be on here anymore, but I really wanted to post that picture, cause your house would look like that too if you had been bleeding from your vag for a week with no signs of stopping or passing out in your future. In fact, it got worse today. My vagina is being haunted by the ghost of Julius Caesar. He is demanding satisfaction for his grievances. And olives. Also tangerine Popsicles. That's not a winning combination, but I'm afraid of what he might do next. My bureaucracy does not need anymore centralizing.

Edit: by "clean my house" I actually meant "learn the lyrics to Shakira's Objection in Spanish"


  1. Olives and tangerine popsicles? That sounds almost as appetizing as a cocktail made with Bailey's and peach schnapps.

    Screw the lyrics, I'm going to practice the dance moves instead.

  2. Especially the one where she channels a go-go girl with her arms and a automatic drill with her hips.

    I love Shakira.


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