Friday, March 26, 2010

I Relent Doug

So this morning, Occasional Superheroine shared this with her readers:

I love that video specifically because of how some of those people just start dancing with him. It makes me so happy.

So then, because I had the song in my head (and I admit, I like this song. A lot), I had to go watch the actual video. I watched both of them, the ten minute long operatic one with the plot details and so many long awkward pauses I couldn't take it. And then the edited 3 minute one below. I mean, it's a music video. You shouldn't stop the song for two minutes in the middle of video.

I have not liked any Lady Gaga before this, and I wonder if I like this more because she reminds me of Madonna in it. Am I being shallow? Does the fact that most of her costumes are pretty tame and bare endear her more to me? Or maybe I just like this song. I know I like that fact that Gaga uses Beyonce as her little Barbie doll, and I love how much fun Beyonce is finally having. If Gaga is the musical partner that brings Beyonce out from the platinum palace and back to the mall, then I forgive her Poker Face. But not Bad Romance. Rah Rah Suck It.

Isn't that a great stillframe for a video? This whole choreographed dance scene ripped jeans thing? How can you not want to watch that?

Edit: apparently the only "official" short version is covered with ad stuff, so I had to find a new one, cause they took the first one down. So the ripped jeans thing no longer makes sense. But listen, why do they overprotect music videos, of all things? I mean, don't you want people to see them?

But I really really love the comments...oh're my favorite friend.

glorifiedp do not support this woman or beyonce. they have ties to secret societies and the occult. in short, they've sold their souls to globalist elites bent on turning YOU into a mindless automaton, devoid of morals or principles (as evidenced in this video). the symbolism in her videos is apparent to anyone willing to see. Check out her hand to the eye gesture in all her videos (it's the eye of horus). aside from all of this, this new music is just plain shit. 3

angelic6465 What! Oh my god she's driving the pussy wagon from kill bill. how hilarious.

Yes Angelic, it's hilarious. It's insane. It's unheard of. It's the Eye of Horus!

Lady Gaga tickets went on sale today. I'm pretty sure everyone at that show gets a Free Ascension, so don't miss out. This might be your only chance to get out before the Rapture.


  1. LOL. You gotta love gaga for at least being different. Eye of Horus? ROTL!

  2. From now on, She is the Eye of Horus.

  3. Chatroulette frightens me...almost as much as Gaga does.

  4. Oh it's okay Elly, she's just Gwen Stefani.


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