Sunday, August 31, 2008

A tiger's stripes will blur from a distance

Last night, Marty made satay! And Rebecca found Jupiter! It was hiding in the front yard. Rebecca is a planet hunter, first rate. The stripes were orange, and there were three moons! She tried to track Neptune and Uranus, but they were below the treeline. Then we settled down for a nice snug evening of The Forbidden Zone. Isn't Danny Elfman cute? The cutest in fact? He's like a squid.

Today I'm full of thoughts about people I've left behind. I like that phrase, it makes it seem like I'm moving forward, and they're in the background somewhere disintegrating. What I regret sometimes are not my blatant acts of stupidity or craziness that multiply like a culture across the blanket of the last six years, but really the people I didn't talk to. The ones I deliberately didn't write or call. Even the ones I knew were probably bad for me, or for sure bad for me. It's just that you start to think maybe if you put yourself in the exact same position you were in so long ago, then maybe it will be just as if nothing ever happened, and you can start over, like a choose your own adventure book. Then I would know how it works both ways. Or triple ways. Quadruple ways. I like this life. But its curiosity, simple and plain. Just another excuse not to do the dishes.

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