Sunday, August 17, 2008

I think it must be pretty awkward to be the flower delivery guy. You never know if the person is going to be happy to see you, or less than thrilled, or down right pissed. "Who would be pissed to get flowers delivered?" Well, let's see. The girlfriend with a black eye? The girl who mistakenly told the weird guy at the bar where she works? The being-cheated-on wife? The woman who's father just died? The girl who knows they are from her ex-boyfriend even though he promised he wasn't going to do anything like that if she kept talking to him? A guy? The person who sits in the cubicle next to any of them and is really allergic?

Also, it must be awkward to work at the porn store and see people you know from high school come in. Or your parents' friends. The girl behind the counter at the porn store is always SO exuberant. She's like, giving you the details of the product as she tests it. Yes I know its waterproof. Didn't you just see me wandering around for 20 minutes, whispering to my friend, and trying to figure out if the 50 dollar one is really a better buy than the 25 dollar one which is way cuter? (that same thought process is pretty much the same with trying to figure out which vibrator to buy the same as figuring out which guy you should date? Cuter vs more reliable? Portable vs. Power cord? Flexible vs. Stronger? Of course, there are ones that advertise all of the above, but they're too expensive for me)

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