Friday, August 8, 2008

Cute outfits

The real Chinese human rights violation?

Forcing 200,000 Chinese cheerleaders to cheer for more than three hours
during the Parade of Nations. In gogo boots.

China's apparent strategy? Win the world over with pre-games pictorials.

Of course, McCain ran another "celebrity Obama" ad DURING THE OLYMPICS. Which is petty. What, does he feel a little left out of the global scene?

But then there was this awesome one: try and guess what it's a commercial for....

Finally, the most exciting news of the day
(cause lets face it, Russia being fucked up Russia is not news to the iPod culture)

The Particle Accelerator to end all Particle Accelerators
The Large Hadron Collider will taste first proton blood this weekend, with the hopes of starting Sept. 10th. So keep that in mind. Sept 10th we will all be destroyed by millions of mini black holes riddling our fabric of space and time.

To help us understand...CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) made a rap video. (though I'm not sure how "official" it is :)

"My law has just been violated
That don't make sense!
There's gotta be another
Particle to make this balance!"

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  1. "It is a tribute to how far we have come in theoretical physics that it now takes enormous machines and a great deal of money to perform an experiment whose results we cannot predict." - S.Hawking

    go particles, get smashed! You should throw a 'let's get smashed like lead ions' party on Sep 10th.


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