Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just a few things to add here....

First the good news. I've played this song about ten times in the car today...

At dinner with Tara tonight, eating fake chinese chicken, I discovered that she hadn't seen this awesomeness yet, so if you haven't either, here. If you don't watch it, I'll look down on you. I swear I will. I'll give you my patented withering look, and deep in the core of your soul you'll die a little.

See Tara, this came first:

Then there was this:

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

And then there was this:

And this:

Now, I hope you took notes on our conversation tonight, cause here's a short pop quiz:

1. What did John famously call Cindy?
2. What famous starlet's energy policy has McCain adopted in the last fifteen minutes?
3. What does McCain do with puppies?
4. What is growing on McCain's head? ( I actually find this depressing, because I thought if you had enough money, you could get rid of moles/age spots/enraged Asiatic fungi. But I guess I'm wrong)


  1. Next time could you just put a big flashing sign saying "PARIS!" & an arrow? 'cause you know I heart me some Team Paris like a motherfucker. Also Team Bai Ling-- her blog is THE BEST.

  2. apart from Orbison just being the bomb diggity snip-snap-snap (so to speak), I think it's the drums that sound like thunderclap sound effects that always get me about that song. good one!

    um, word verification, can't ignore this one: xumxpo - the sound of the poor chinese gymnast's ass hitting the mat and bouncing (athletically, of course) when she misjudged her vault.


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