Monday, July 7, 2008

You hate Cubans!

Not true! I like Cubans (some of them). I just also happen to like communists (some of them). And I imagine that Cubans who have defected from Cuba would probably not like me. Like this fellow:

He would probably listen to me and then slap me a few times and say "you don't know what you're talking about, you stupid lazy American". And he would be right to do so. And then I would go back to my computer and write about ideals, and paradigms of thought, and the human potential, and the global pharmaceutical industry, and fighting the World Bank, and how much I hate Ayn Rand. And I would be right too. So really this is between Arturo and me. Yes, he has the super anti commie trumpet whose tones paralyze and enrapt the Duende. But I'm a fairy princess, with the super secret power of optimized white liberal propaganda, and a killer split-finger curve ball.

I think the point I'm making here is that I don't really like that everybody really wants to make lots of money. And also I like jazz..

Enough of this silliness. "Hey Bridget," you ask, "you had off for the past two days. What did you do?"
Well, yesterday I did nothing. And then later, I watched Super High Me, which was more a lesson in how some people really ARE funnier when they're not high than it meant to be. Then I went home and did more nothing, until this morning when I went into work for overtime.

Yes, that's right, I worked a whole shift of overtime on my off day. On the busiest claim day of the year. I am very proud of myself. Usually I run away from overtime faster than a raccoon will run away with your cheetos. And I'm not like, avoiding bookkeepers or anything either. Yay me.

Also, it sucked. Oh communism.....

Okay, I'm going to bed. I just needed to make it clear that if you are Cuban, you have the same chance of sleeping with me that anybody else does. Cross my heart and swear to the sickle. But man, do I really have it in for those Muggles!

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