Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Yes I am the atheist, anti-war, anti-republican, up with social welfare, tax me more if it saves PBS, drug-infused liberal who believes in global warming, and also the atrocious evil of our collective public mind and foreign policy/perception of the rest of the world....however

I am also a 29yrd old single woman who works for a company that pays her more than a living wage, who can drive my own car, who can go and vote this November, who has access to medical care and libraries and fire departments, who can call the police out just to unlock my car, and who just went to the grocery store and bought peppers and onions and prosciutto and butter for 2.19, and also I can eat ice cream whenever I want and watch soap operas OR Cnn. And I have internet access always, and my utilities stay on, and if I stopped drinking, I would be able to buy plane tickets and fly across the continent on a whim, without a passport. Tonight I will be blowing up illegal fireworks, without fear of retribution or massive beatings from the police, while my friends and I get drunk in public and talk openly about how we hate religion. And all night we will hear explosions and gunfire and sirens, and none of us will be afraid.

So America is not a bad place to be.

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