Monday, June 21, 2010

I mean, I like it when I don't leave the house for a day, but it can get a little scary

So some heating and cooling business in Atlanta is going to get a little free promotion, because I just saw this Mitsubishi ad on TV during Gilmore girls while eating breakfast, and theirs is the only youtube video I can find with the embedded corporate ad. This is officially the creepiest video I have seen all week. It reeks of Blade Runner and various short story scifi from the 70s, like the one where the president is decided by having everyone in the country take an intelligence test administered by the giant computer? Listen for the very subtle reference to masculinity. Wrest control of your environment from the wicked hands of nature.

The effect is a little ruined at the end, but imagine it cuts off right before that, leaving it's promise in the air like a steely little daydream.

I can suggest two other ways to freak yourself out, if you really want to take this experience further. Do a youtube search for Mitsubishi Electric. The thousands and thousands of ads for hundreds of different products, ads for every imaginable country and market. Then, after you have faced the monster, ran your hand over the thick skin of the beast, go to the Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating solutions website. Think to yourself, "wait, it's not cooling and heating, its heating and cooling solutions. Everybody knows that." The off of it slides against your skin. They are the 215th largest corporation in the world.

Admit that you kind of want one, and get a glimpse of how a company becomes more powerful than a country. Just a glimpse though. You can feel the vastness of what you don't know unfold in front of you, like a yellow brick road with barbed wire across it stretching into the darkness. Feel your smallness.

PS that is a fucking Dharma commercial.

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