Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Questions Need to Stop Being So Judgmental

I often thought it would be great if liberal-minded folk moved to one state, like a guerrilla bar crawl sort of thing, and created a better govt. Not like California; still too conservative in parts. What state would you pick for us to "make our own"?

I know, we all want to live in a place where everyone thinks like us. However, like most political generalizations, "liberal" is an umbrella that covers a lot of area. Too much area, frankly. But okay, so lets say we make everyone in the country pick a color, red pill or blue pill right? And everyone who picks red goes here, and everyone who picks blue goes over there. Well, I like to think that there's enough people in this country that would pick blue, we would need more than one state. We need a region. And this is hard, because initial reflex is to pick someplace cool, like the Rockies. We could be the mountain people! And we'd control trade routes. But we also need good farmland, since trade agreements are destined to break down. And fresh water. Also it would be a plus if we could relocate someplace that doesn't get battered by hail 12 times a year, or flooded, or hurricaned. To my mind, this leaves two area, the Great Lakes region, and the Pacific Northwest. Ocean access is important, right? But so is controlling the largest source of fresh water.

I don't know, maybe we could just draw a line horizontally across and take everything North of the Mason Dixon?

I mean, I feel like that's been tried before...

As the world cup approaches we have to ask ourselves: All soccer people vs. All crocodiles?

I seem to remember reading in a reputable source (the Economist maybe?) that all soccer people were half lizard. It's why so many of the good ones come from warmer climes, cause they're most active for the larger part of the year.

So you're asking me half-lizard people versus crocodiles? That's hard. Crocodiles are surprisingly agile, and fast. But height can make a difference, given the environment. And hands, hands are good. Though, soccer people can't use their hands can they? God, they're so stupid.

So crocodiles.

Crocodiles metabolize alcohol better anyway.

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