Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ohio Harpsichord Society's Piano Retirement Community

Since the theme this week has been pianos (trust me, it has), I thought I would take a look back at some of the pianos we've met here.

First, the opera night at that French place in New York last year. When Cat was all like, "well, I don't know, we could go to this place where my brother who's an opera singer does like free requests with a bunch of other opera singers. If you want."

The church in Gary, my first exploration, when I dragged my unsuspecting sister from nice comfy Chicago for a day trip into (in retrospect) not the safest situation ever. I have to go back now that I know a little more about taking pictures. The piano is being dwarfed by the giants of air and sound.

The first piano in the Masonic Temple.

The second piano in the Masonic Temple. (the shy one)

The third piano in the Masonic Temple. (the polish one)

There was a fourth one in the basement, but I didn't get a good shot. Why do Masons hate pianos?

Wilson school piano, where a giant stuffed dog plays for a giant stuffed rabbit. Forever.

The Lafayette piano. Sadly, nobody likes it, everybody hates it, now its full of worms.

The Miles piano. Still staring out the bars hoping someone will take it home.

Pianos are our whales in the Wasteland.


  1. My camp, where I went for seventeen years growing up and... being an adult who's still not grown up, is littered with old pianos. None of them are tuned. Mice live in one. And one I thought was a table for six years.

    Abandoned pianos are sad because you know someone loved them once. It's like finding a broken down plush toy on the side of the road, only the size of a Buick and infinitely more delicate.

  2. Now I desperately want to go to your camp. And find a buick sized plush toy.

  3. i so love your photos. ESPECIALLY the one of the wurlitzer and the one with the light shining through the window aka (the polish one).
    i never tire of finding photographic subject via materials in various states of death or disrepair.
    there is real beauty in it and you do a great job of the capture.

  4. Oh do I love the shy piano or the polish piano more? I suppose I have to say the shy one. I want to cuddle her and giggle nervously in the corner while we watch the polish piano strut and glow. Lovely as always.

    When are you opening an Etsy shop?

  5. I told you Elly, my cats hair is too fine to weave into cloth. It won't hold.


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