Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Al Gore is a Peter Schilling Wannabe" Cause Peter Schilling invented the internet?

In case you were wondering, the Peter Schilling album Fehler im System is fantastic. The second track is some sort of dance hall crap, but the rest of it is exactly what you would think German dance music from 1982 would sound like. Hello, we are synths from the future and we are programmed to make your cellular walls shake with the vibrations of our musical apocalypse. You will turn into robots just from the sheer effort of not caring about anything but the call and response of your muscles to our end of the Century tonal awakenings. Alright, it doesn't really sound like that, but don't you wish could listen to something like that right now? I was trying to download Dark Side of the Moon, but apparently it's hard to steal a decent copy. Maybe Pink Floyd was spiritually directing me to Peter Schilling, it seems like something they would do. You have to hear Major Tom in German. It sounds like secret rites.

This kid at the corner gas station, who looks like a taller shaggier version of Sam from Ann Arbor, cards me every time I go in to buy smokes, and every single time he tells me 1979 was his favorite year. I ask him why. Every time he tells me it's because of some different musical fact. Like, the first time he named all these songs he likes that have 1979 in them? And then last time he told me it was because indie rock started in 1979. I said "why?" And he responded with "Madness's first album." I said, "really, Madness's debut album came out in 1979?" He said, "no, it came out in 1978, but it hit big in 1979. Also, the Cars?". So, you know, the kids are alright. Since this shaggy kid is probably at least 8 years younger than me. But that's the glory of growing old in the digital age, the only generational gap that really matter is slowly disappearing as even old people learn to use iphones. Or they die. You hear that old people? You will die if you don't learn how to use the internet. We will convert you into bio batteries, see if we don't.
Point is, everyone gets to be into the same junk, in the same weird specialties, and you don't have to stay up late going to dark little clubs to find new music or old music.

Rebecca has destroyed my life by showing me where BBC America was hiding in my cable guide. All the way up in the stratosphere, whereas I never go above 67. Maybe 213, Soap Net, if I feel like drinking and watching 3 hours of old O.C. episodes. So now I have a DVR filling up with rerun episodes of Doctor Who. It is like a warm quirky cocoon I want to crawl into every day after work, because work this week has been unbelievably frustrating and busy, and David Tennant makes me feel sedated. He is starring in a Fright Night remake, which would not interest me except for the part where he plays a boastful Las Vegas magicians who is less than helpful about vampires. What?

I really miss Jere and Charity and our little exploration group more than I thought I would, and quickly too! It's only been a few weeks, but I feel alone for the summer, like I was sent off to YMCA summer camp or something. Or better yet, like everyone else is at camp and I'm at home alone doing math exercises at my parents kitchen table. I know Jere is around, but he's all not free and busy with the whole advancement of career status thing. Lots of people have offered to go, but it's not the same going on Sunday with people who weren't there when we started. We were such a good little scooby gang.

Making room for new people is hard, and there seems hardly enough room for the ones that are already there. Like my social circle is a very small apartment having a party, and the kitchen can only fit three people at a time trying to get ice, and everyone is out on the balcony having a smoke, and if I don't balance it carefully the balcony will collapse, they will all fall down, and then I will have to try very hard to collect their pieces and put them back together again in the right order.

I am stalled on the book cause I feel like I definitely should be working on it right now since I'm not doing anything else, and instead I'm suffering from Lonely Summer syndrome. It's like I have to be active to write, but then I'm active and don't write. So I switched myself off, and I'm flatlining. I mean, haven't I lived enough to write just this? Can't you just be satisfied, stupid crazy head of mine, just long enough to do this one thing right?

On that note....


  1. Hey that's what blogging is for- to help out with the boredom!

  2. Well maybe. But I would prefer it if the writing for a reason helped with the boredom. Or if there was some way for me to spend exactly one hour a day doing something fantastic, but no more.

  3. wheres the photo from? i like it.

  4. Some motorcycle club in Youngstown.


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