Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is the best cheese ever?

Cheese was invented, accidentally or otherwise, because people wanted to store milk for long periods of time. And because the French think mold is a food group.

Since that is it's purpose and ultimate goal, I state for the record that Kraft sliced American is the perfect cheese. Also in the running - powdery parmesan in a plastic bottle. Either of these cheeses would be perfect for a nice long survivalist trek across the Mojave, or an oceanic voyage in a raft. These are the cheeses that will go to the moon first, and to bases far away in unexplored corners of the galaxies. These are OUR cheeses, and we are the generation of the Preserved.

My personal favorite, though completely illogical and romantic, is mild white cheddar. With baby pickles and wheat thins. And a soft Rioja. And some SyFy movie about giant piranhas.

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  1. "Dead People are Dicks" made me laugh. Hehe. Oo it happened again.
    Apallingly old man.

  2. It occurs to me that no commenting on this specific posting would be rude, so here's my comment on aforementioned post. Cheese, mmmm,like much of it, cut most of it. Sorry.
    Even older man now.

  3. It's okay, Dead People Are Dicks may be the title of my novel.


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