Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is What Boiling Noodles Leads To

"Post-structuralism and deconstruction can be seen as the theoretical formulations of the post-modern condition. Modernity, which began intellectually with the Enlightenment, attempted to describe the world in rational, empirical and objective terms. It assumed that there was a truth to be uncovered, a way of obtaining answers to the question posed by the human condition. Post-modernism does not exhibit this confidence, gone are the underlying certainties that reason promised. Reason itself is now seen as a particular historical form, as parochial in its own way as the ancient explanations of the universe in terms of Gods.

The postmodern subject has no rational way to evaluate a preference in relation to judgements of truth, morality, aesthetic experience or objectivity. As the old hierarchies of thought are torn down, a new clearing is formed on the frontiers of understanding: quite what hybrids of thought will metamorphose, interbreed and grow is this clearing is for the future to decide."

As you journey along your path, you meet an old man


  1. Stop it, Bridget Callahan, before I go look for a best friend who's not stoned.

  2. I saw a bowl of noodles in a uterus this morning. Does that count for anything?

  3. Sarah - I am a little stoned. To death.

    Elly - What the fuck? What?


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