Monday, September 1, 2008

Really, this family is even more dumbfounding than we could have hoped for...

So Sarah Palin's 17 yr old daughter is actually pregnant, and supposedly the McCain campaign knew about it before they chose her for VP, but they had to tell everyone today because of the rumour making the blog rounds that Palin's recent baby was her daughter's. The rumour that's been going around for a week now.

Of course, choosing today for the announcement had NOTHING to do with Gustav making landfall today.

Oh, and Bristol and her boyfriend are getting married, because of course when your teenage daughter gets pregnant by having extramarital sex without birth control (because you never taught her how to use a condom), the only reasonable thing is to marry her off and make sure you look like you did the right thing. No matter that now Bristol will have a baby AND a 17 yr old husband. I wonder if the First Dude got out his shotgun on this one?

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