Monday, September 1, 2008

I know, you've had enough of my snarky Palin bashing, and obsessive off the cuff juvenile political lets move on....

I'm glad that Gustav died down and really was just a normal hurricane in the end (ha! normal! hurricane!) BUT, what's the long term solution here, guys? The storms are gonna get worse and worse, and much more frequent. I think we can all foresee that*. Are they really suggesting that we can evacuate 2 million people 3 times a year? Are we really going to continue to flock to the coasts when we have all this fucking land right in the middle? Seriously, has the human race ever been capable of planning more than two years in the future? It's like we're in high school and we need some serious time with the guidance counselor. Except we graduated high school in the 50s, took a year off to "find" ourselves in the 70s, and now we're desperately trying to pay off our school loans and go drinking every night while trying to find our first grownup job.

Yes, that's right, I just condensed the entire evolution of our civilization down to the last sixty years. It's the republican convention! It's time for broad completely unsubstantiated claims! And weird investigative segments involving revolutionary war clerical robes? Did anyone else see that? Silly Lutherans. Like *they're* a real religion.

Speaking of high school, Chuck? Blair? HOT. I vote we all get together and proclaim Gossip Girl the new Dallas

I realized one of the reasons I love Blair so much is that she reminds me of someone...someone from my youth....

*You know, like we foresaw and prepared for the energy crisis? Or the ice caps melting? Or the long term occupation of Iraq? Or the collapse of the dollar, the subprime crash, and the rise of China?

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  1. The only ones good at planning ahead are the Chinese, and that's why they're going to win.


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