Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday's Questions Mother just told her about a doctor she works with who has the exact same birthday as her, like same year too. Thanks Mom.

What on earth is wrong with comic sans? it just looks like the font of the non-internet population. all i see is letters

The problem with Comic Sans is that its a font designed to look like preschool teacher writing. It is the Holcombs of fonts. I used to use it constantly. When I was 16.

AGgfvgs sgfasf asd a er afd ?

Yes, it is a real place. With volcanoes and glaciers and hidden valleys where lost species of mammoth guard the Hammer of Thor, and everyone dresses like a cross between American Apparel and LL Bean. And they all make french press coffee and eat croissants for breakfast, before they head out to their jobs as creative consultants for Santa's Workshop.

I'm not fond of suntanning but enjoy the tropical scent of sunscreen. Do you have anything like that going on?

No. I hate the smell of sunscreen, bug spray, most perfume, bubblegum, body lotion, lipstick, kitchen cleaners, febreeze, dish soap, and anything with trace chemical burn at all. They give me migraines. Or rather, they expose migraines waiting to happen.

I do love the smell of fire.

What is your favorite life form?

Bartenders and scientists.

Why were there no riots after the whole Lebron thing happened? And were you disappointed there were no riots? I was, a little.

I drove downtown to meet someone that night, and when I drove by the Witness sign, it was surrounded by cops. That was disappointing. I didn't want riots, but I thought for sure someone would try and burn the sign. I mean, apparently the cops did too. It's called a molotov cocktail kids. You can throw it. Very portable.


Um, continue to have a basketball team? And continue to not really watch the games unless I'm at a bar where its playing. And continue to not understand why people get so hung up over sports, but can't start a movement for a ferry to Canada from Cleveland.

If you blog about me, will you change my name to protect my innocence or will you use my real name and expose my identity to the world?

I'm a fan of actual names. Hence my site name. I think it's folly to think you can protect anything on the internet ever, so you should probably just own your actions or not tell anyone at all. We should all live lives that we can tell people about, jobs where we are ourselves, families that know who we really are, and friends who don't necessarily need to read about what we're doing to keep in touch. By the same token, you should not be defined as an individual by your sins. They are just incidental by products of the rest of your life.

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  1. People that hate Comic Sans must hate Highlights, too. Hmph.

    Viva Goofus & Gallant!

  2. There really needs to be a ferry from Cleveland to Canada.

  3. how can I get a job as a creative consultant to santa's workshop?

    also I envision a time where everyone's hate for comic sans causes it to come alive and destroy the world

    sort of like the pink goo in Ghostbusters II

  4. How about we create a new font even more infantile than Comic Sans and then use the proceeds to pay for a ferry?

  5. I'm just impressed that you've been asked real questions, presumably by real people. I've tried, oh how I've tried. I got two questions, both spam advertisements, and that's it.

    I grew up with two ferries from Wisconsin to Michigan, but they were so cost-prohibitive it was worth the drive through Chicago. I don't know that it was worth the drive through Gary, IN, but we all have to make sacrifices.

  6. Well, that's what Twitter is good for.

    Also, Gary IN is one of my favorite towns ever. So leave it alone.


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