Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Blogger Code of Interaction

First of all, I'd like to thank society for needlessly make me hate one more thing about myself, which is the label blogger. Yes, blogger is a stupid word. It sounds like some sort of mole that unsuccessfully tries to sink river dam projects, but is too blind to see he should just get along with the river folk and work together.

But being a blogger isn't bad, right? I've made friends, gotten a camera, learned how to write meaningful 140 character sentences. But it sounds horrible. You can't easily tell someone you have a blog without sounding like a "social media expert" ie "one of the most obnoxious people on earth", and my real-in-life friends are finally just starting to read it, though I think they mostly just look at the pictures. It seems like a useless thing to do, a waste of time, since I don't make any money off of it. And I don't have any intention of trying. I get what you have to do to really wrassle up a following. The incessant commenting, and tweeting, and FB whoring. I'm totally capable of whoring within a limited range, but outside my natural circle of self-promotion, I'm too lazy to devote much time to it. After all, the no money thing. Mostly I do it because it forces me to write something every day, even if I don't post it.

So this will be a first for me. I'm going to do a proper Blogger response. I just got a badge from Donda at Daily Life with BiPolar. It was super nice and sweet of her, and you should go visit her. I'm not entirely clear on the whole concept of badges yet. It's like blog bling? But I get the idea that now I'm supposed to do shout outs and pass this shit along. So I'm going to be a nice proper girl and do that. I cannot make my own badge, because it took me hours to fuck around with that banner up there, and finally Midwestgrrl took it upon herself to help me. So I'm not even going to try. But in the proper blogger spirit, here are some folks you should go read.

First, as mentioned above, Donda. Because she is sweet and generous with the blog love.

Second, Midwest Girl. We met doing ANTM recaps I think. She is great, and she has lots of house porn right now since she just moved into a new place. Also she is obsessed with nail polish. Obsessed.

Third, Lead Paint Cookbook. She's mostly a food blog, but in the spirit of young people experimenting with cooking. Also she's entering the State Fair this year, which is a trip and a half.

Fourth, Cleveland Love. She does the urban exploring thing as well, and I love the perspective she gives of living in the city. She'll remind you to be open to new things.

Fifth, Buggin Word. Elly is unique. I will leave it at that. Unique like every grain of glitter is unique.

Sixth, Hip Hop Hippie. She posts a new drink every Friday, because she loves us and wants us to be drunk.

Seventh, Naked Cupcakes. It's all in her blog name.

Eighth, Me and the Bee. It will make you wish you had a cute boyfriend with a camera more than anything else.

Ninth, Libby Logic. I don't usually go in for mom blogs, but she's more than that. She's interesting.

Tenth, and last, Steam Me Up Kid. Just funny. I like funny people.

Oh no, wait, I forgot one of my favorites, Inane Chatter. She wants to open a bookstore, and travels a lot for work, and talks about her dogs and running and stuff. But she's smart and articulate.

Oh and Blue Girl. Blue has given me so much blog love over the last year, I have to send it back. Though she has a Train song in her last post, but listen, I'm not here to judge. I mean, I am, but I'm forgiving of the small things.

Oh gosh, and the best food blog of all, The Gurgling Cod. I have a feeling he hates badges though. He has cheerwine donuts posted right now. Cheerwine donuts.

I mean, obviously anyone on my blog roll should be treated like royalty. I have discerning taste. If I left you out and you hate me now, then I can only tell you that I am new at this whole diplomacy thing, and terrible at it, and maybe if you bought me more drinks this would be a different story huh? I would be terrible at giving an awards thank you speech. I would just have to start singing along to the music when they tried to play me off stage.

So there you go. I guess I am officially a blogger now. Right? Right? When do I get invited places yo?


  1. Hey, thanks! I am honored and enabled by the praise.

    Also, I am entering the county fair, not the state fair. I know I'm not good enough for the big time. Yet.


  3. I always pronounce "blogger" as "buh-logger." Like a verbal eyeroll.

  4. Or like you are from Philadelphia! (say orange)

  5. HAHAHAHA I bet Kanye was just waiting in the wings!

  6. Kanye better not step to me. I will tell him to his face that he is a terrible singer and should have just stuck to rapping.

  7. I think we should come up with some sort official "blogger" drink

    also some sort of comic book starring a blind mole named blogger

  8. Oh Mr. M, are you feeling left out? I wouldn't think you would care to be on this list, what with the momminess and blogginess and stuff, but I could conjure you a special badge, made of spider tears and shiny rocks from Galatean outpost #79. If you want.

    You are cooler than this list dude. Don't hate.

  9. holy cock-n-balls.
    i just wrote a ginormous comment to you and something went haywire with the comment box so it's gone now.
    maybe someone is trying to tell me something about my long-windedness?
    thank you! i've been MIA from commenting lately so i'm trying to catch up and here i find you've mentioned me in this post!
    your amazingness knows no bounds, milady...
    i love the new masthead. i think your photography is fab. one of these days we are GOING to meet up and go hunting for the most decrepit/condemned/abandoned place we can find and go to town camera-style.
    you know, whether you want to or not...
    and yes, that's a threat.

  10. CP - I am all over that mole comic book idea.

    Steff - deal.

  11. Aw, dude. I think you just guilted me into doing a meme.

    You're sucking me down to the bottom of the blog.


    Fuck I'm jumping in a car tomorrow headed to VA WHERE THEY SELL CHEERWINE and I am so excited I just piddled. So obviously, I should stop typing and go change my granny panties. THEN I'll go read his recipe. WHY am I YELLING so much.

    PS Smooches right back at your bad ass beautiful writing, vision snapping self.

    Word to glitter.

  13. Actually its KRISPY KREME making them, so WHAT? I know.

  14. I love posts like this (once in a while, and not just because you included me, really). Blog rolls are fine, but I like knowing WHY you like the blogs you read - I'm sorry, did you say Krispy Kreme? I'm going to the store.

  15. Except looking at this list, I wonder if I'm not in fact making up for a lack of time with girl friends :)

  16. Aww hooray! Thank you for the shout out!! And yes, drinks for all!

    Btw, I sooo feel you on this. Glad I'm not alone. :)

  17. Hip Hop: you don't even have a blog roll. I respect that like you wouldn't believe.

  18. Another: foodie. People who self-describe as foodies should be executed.


  19. Hey! it's the only song they play on the radio. Ever. Not my fault!

    When I started blogging in 2005, Lance Mannion and I were going to change the word "blog" -- to... something everyone would use instead. And we thought we could actually do it! lol "Blog" is a blah blech word, although I'm used to it now and couldn't care less if *society* doesn't understand why I do it. God knows most people do things I don't get.

    Thanks for the link, Bridget! You know I think you're awesome.


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