Sunday, July 25, 2010

Revisitation of That Which Drove Us Here

We say, oh America, we are a nation of doers! Of dreamers! Of explorers!
I say, really America? Cause it looks to me that you are a nation of let's all do the same thing, over and over again, hoping for different results. Which, as it's been pointed out to me a lot lately, is the definition of crazy. Why are you so crazy, America? Who broke your heart? Was it England? Stupid playa England. You know they have terrible taste in music there, right? Oh, but I know, sometimes you can't see how trashy someone is until you've descended to their level of trashiness.

I get the obsession with regularity America. I get that it's comforting to know what to expect, even if what you're expecting is to be embarrassed with yourself later. I get why you all go to church America. You're looking for something special to elevate your life with. You want a manifest destiny. You want to know it's going to matter in the end.

But it doesn't matter. In the end, the moss and the fungi and the dry rot are your fate. There is no one that's going to come in and crown you King of the World, thanks for all your effort, you win! There's no winning. There is only the heavy stumble footed tread towards the end. The day to day life is what matters America. How you wake up in the morning, and how you go to sleep, and what happens in between. Who you are in your head as you're doing what everyone else is doing.

Maybe, deep down in our brokenhearted national consciousness, we already know that. And that's why we live by credit and plastic.

I think sometimes America, that I am the essence of you. Which is why we are made for each other, and of each other, and I know it's my blood you're drinking America, but I try to make it sweet for you.


  1. glorious photos, the last window especially.
    thing I like about America, is no matter how many people correspond just exactly to what you've been saying (and god knows, there are plenty of them), there's a scattered army of others who aren't that way at all.

  2. I guess I should be scared of them then, since I'm exactly that way.

  3. I love it when you snap pianos. *sigh*

  4. it doesn't matter in the matters now.

  5. i love the capture of the breeze blowing the curtains. great stuff!
    as usual...

  6. I like how you put yourself in the last shot (and the story) by adding the curtains. You did add them didn't you?! Subtle and self-centered at the same time. I think all good art is about the artist. If I can't see the soul of the creator, then it's just not quite complete.

    New here. Will be back.


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