Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have dirty rings around my ankles. Its hot.

So today I borrowed my dad's camera, just to see if I liked it enough to buy one myself. I set out with my laptop and some coffee, and drove around for a few hours. It was easily the best day I've had by myself in a while. People got pissed off at me cause I kept pulling over to the side with my hazards. And I was all like, look at me, sittin in my car, playing with my laptop, listening to Grandaddy, I'm awesome and you're not.

These guys were my favorite. Also, I ended up at the Temple of Lost Love, which I totally thought I didn't know how to get to anymore, but then randomly found. Remember that place? Everyone used to glue pictures of ex's up on the wall and paint shit around it? Then the stupid city built the amphitheater next to it, and we couldn't go anymore cause of the security? Then the bastards keep painting over it? Like anyone fucking cares about what's underneath an abandoned railroad bridge across from a concrete factory.

Its not really the same anymore though. The hipsters have been chased out, it looks like. There are no more skeletons.

I was talking to Buddy about it, and he thinks we should start going there again. I think we should find a new place. One not next to Tower City.

There's more at my new Flickr page. Like, 100 more. I'm not allowed to post anything new to that site for a month cause I've used up my designated bandwith.

I know, right?

While I was taking this one, some really nice cars started circling around me, giving me nasty dirty looks. They pulled off down the road, and started taking out all this fancy equipment, with a model who had orange paint all over her. They acted like I was pissing all over their scene. I mean, there's probably like 2 million photos of that guy above on Tremont hipsters' cameras. It's not like you made it, asshole. Also, they were driving a blue really blue convertible. Fuck off.

I'm all scratched up now, and the bugs by the railroad tracks were nasty. So much fun though. I have a whole list of places I want to go now.

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