Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slip Ups

I've decided to just start making fun of my friends every time they use Instagram. Like, "Hey, there's vaseline on your phone!" or " Oh good, I guess you found the CLOUD FILTER".

On my high school senior page in the yearbook (I went to a rich school, we all got our own pages), I put this black and white over exposed photo of a single flower in a vase. So technically I think I was using Instagram before I even had a cell phone. I also put a lot of short lines of poetry, so there was my first Twitter. And finally, everyone signed it and then I promptly forgot about them so...facebook.

I've also decided that since writing a book in a week didn't work, I'm going to try and write one in two days.

Between the last post and this post, I guess you can see where my head is at. I've been listening to so much Whitney Houston.

I think it's funny that between the two of them, my parents manage to raise one hypersexual daughter with men issues who tells everyone about it, another hypersexual daughter with women issues who tells everyone about it, and a son who's going to get his doctorate and probably goes days without speaking to anyone about anything non-school related.

This video from my sister's stand up makes a good counterpoint everything I went on about in that last word vomit post. Not a counterpoint really, but an addendum? A supplement.


  1. I used to think Instagram was ridiculous...but it is easily the best social media app.

  2. That doesn't preclude ridiculous, in fact that makes it sort of a requirement.

  3. Well, I'm certainly half in love with your sister now. (That sounded awfully creepy, probably. It should only sound a little bit creepy.)

  4. I'm sober, but my blog meanderings currently might suggest otherwise- i'm not sure how i got here (maybe 'all writey then')? Anyhow, Your sister's stand-up is awesome. I'm a fan.

    I haven't spent much time here, but i'm sensing i probably will. Thanks for having me.

  5. B: it's okay, the main characteristic of our family is we want everyone to be in love with us.

    A: hello! welcome! ect!


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