Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From the Diary of a Cleveland Lady

Friday: Had one cup of coffee for breakfast, nothing more, didn't want it. Worked all day, it was too revolting. Got a text from Sarah, in town for the weekend, couldn't be more delighted. Sarah is just divine, She picked me up from home, so humiliating to not have a car. Went to Flying Fig to hang out and talk while we waited for her boyfriend to get off work, he is such the cutest and makes the best Old Fashioned. Had two of those, also split one flatbread, chorizo stuffed dates, and softshell crab. Can't stand seafood, but adore crab. Saw simply loads of people we knew. Sarah is so calm and pretty and just being around her makes me feel sane. Ate so much. Did shots with the nicest girls sitting next to us at the bar, who were simply adorable. After Perren got off work, we simply ran to Parallax, hoping they were still serving sushi, because Sarah was totally craving sushi after seeing some art flick. They were, which was marvelous. There were so many old guys in mid life crisis clothes, with the youngest girlfriends. Ate more crab, and potstickers, and then eel? So gross. But you have to try everything. Didn't care for it, it tasted just like a sea battery. Had a pear cocktail that was divine. Afterwards, too stuffed to stay out. Perren drove us home. Stayed up so late texting a boy. Noticed I had picked off half my nail polish again, without even meaning to. The sparkly stuff is so revolting, it just peels off like tape. But I just love the color. Such a sucker.

Saturday: Had to work again, terrible. Felt so sick, and I kept tasting eel in my mouth, too revolting. After work, hung out with Kate, who is adorable. She was in town from Michigan for our high school reunion, which I won't ever go to, because please, I don't make nearly enough money. Had a wonderful time drinking mojitos with her at a biker bar on Lorain which was marvelous, but then they didn't bring out our tater tots till like 45 minutes after we ordered them, which was ridiculous. Left that bar, went to Prosperity, saw simply loads of people I knew. Danielle was there, all dressed up like a gypsy siren, she has the best costumes. Made friends with the cutest pin up girl, got asked why I didn't model for this other girl, which was the best, I love hearing that. Talked forever with Kate, about her marriage and how she's totally a world class athlete now and couldn't be happier for her. Drank coffee, but with brandy in it, cause really. Bartender was the cutest, though I totally thought he was put out with me, but then he wasn't, so that was great. Got home, stayed up too late texting a boy, so frustrating not having a car. Painted my nails pink, because maybe it will hide the constant chipping.

Sunday: Got up early to have brunch with Jonathan. Neither of us had cars, but I just couldn't get a bus because it was a Sunday, so I ordered a cab 45 minutes ahead of time. Just trying to be on time. Cab never showed up, so ridiculous, I hate cabs in this city. Called the dispatch twice and they kept making excuses, so revolting. Finally Shannon gave me a ride, which was amazing of her, because really, so nice. I have the nicest friends. Got to Bon Bon and met poor Jonathan who had been waiting so patiently. Ordered a coffee with three shots of espresso, just because, and sat outside because it was so lovely. Actually got attacked by a squirrel! It came around the bend, and just ran at us! Then it wouldn't leave, or get scared off, kept trying to climb up his leg and jumped on his bookbag. Sounds cute, but actually terrifying. Spent fifteen minutes trying to scare off the squirrel until the owner finally ran it off across the street. Cutest thing ever. Had wonderful french toast with blueberries and corn. Saw loads of people I knew. Myles picked me up and took me and Molly to visit Corrigan in the hospital, so sad. He's all broken, poor boy, but sounded just the same. Went on a mission to get his laptop from his apartment cause he didn't have it and was so bored. Then Colleen picked me up and we went to the beach, which was amazing but so crowded. I don't like Huntington, it's just always bustling. Went in the water for the first time this year, which was freezing. Got home, so tired, just collapsed. Did not repaint my nails, this pink is marvelous. Stayed up forever texting a boy. Really, not even the same boy. Ridiculous.

Monday: Woke up late and was totally going to clean, but then Carey wanted to go on a bike ride. It was so hot, but I just have to learn, so we biked to Ohio City where I got the cutest little lights for my bike. I was so tired, just shaking, which is ridiculous. Covered in sweat and ridiculousness. Walked down to Bar Cento and drank so many happy hour Long Islands. Simply wasted. Talked about everything. Cutest bartender, totally couldn't tell he was English until he said "telly", so adorable. Met up with Krissie, who is just the cutest, and biked to Prosperity for karaoke. I was so revolting looking, like I was wearing pajamas, totally embarrassing. Saw loads of people I knew. Put in a Cars song to sing, and a Paul Simon one, but then the DJ only played my NSync selection, which was totally humiliating. Everyone left early, but I didn't want to, so Tom gave me a ride home. Hate not having a car. Took me twenty minutes to take off my front bike tire to get it in his backseat, he was so patient, but really. Got texts from all sorts of people, but just stopped answering them because seriously. My nails were so dirty, this pink just collects dirt, it's horrendous. Totally went to bed without even showering.


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