Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things My Cats Will Chew On

I love this song.

-bathtub chains
-electrical wires
-metal cutlery
-space heaters
-sink faucets
-bobby pins
(will eat ice cream but no other human food.)

-ballpoint pens
-Bic lighters
-Styrofoam packing
-plastic cutlery (of which there has been a lot of in my house recently)
-USB cords
-plastic bags
-Nuva birth control rings
-plastic shower curtain rings
-the tops of takeout coffee cups
-plastic spatulas
-broken glass

PS If you're still stuck for a Halloween costume, I think you should take Christine O'Donnell's advice

"She pointed to a cardboard box in the kitchen—the kind that 12-packs of Coca-Cola come in—and told him to cut a hole in the middle and put it on top of his head. We weren't sure what she was suggesting.
"You can go as a cokehead!" she said, bursting into laughter."


  1. Why isn't there a picture of your cat eating a birth control ring? Why do I find that so amusing? Oh I know, cold meds.

  2. you know, if you put hot sauce on your wires, it'll keep the kitties away and (hopefully) prevent any accidental kitty electrocutions (always annoying to clean up). apparently they don't like the smell.

  3. I would believe this, only I've seen Nina go after the taco bell packets, so I don't think it would work.


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