Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Bunny and the Butterfly

Couple of liner notes: First of all, how fucking great is that cake? It tasted as good as it looked. Second, the weather was the most perfect weather known to wedding history. I'm pretty sure Dawn sold her soul for that. Third, everyone you didn't know at the wedding was really nice. Fourth, do not let boys from the Southwest convince you that tequila shots with salted limes covered in siricha is a good idea. Fifth, always let them convince you. It's fucking awesome. Sixth, I got the bride's garter just because I was the last one standing, this is how you win things, like lingerie that's been around your friend's thigh. Seventh, how fucking happy are these two going to be? I mean they were already. It was a rhetorical question. Eighth, I like when people's new names fit so well together. Rebecca Fischbein Shure. Lori Lent. Dawn Durdella. Ninth, I am covered in glitter. Tenth, I got nothin. Except I love you.

more photos here.


  1. I was the last one standing, this is how you win things ..

    My mantra from now on--thanks.

  2. I love this post Bridget. <3

  3. That dress is bad ass. And the tie? Brilliant. But I really can't think about any kind of alcohol right now, k? Also, keep it down a little. My head hurts.

  4. Great pictures. And I LOVE that tie!

  5. wonderful pictures!

  6. Erin - consider it payment for the salted licorice.

    D - don't cry. No. Stop that now.

    Ells- True on all counts, also if you were a methhead, you wouldn't have a hangover right now.

    Libby - The tie was a giant hit. I'm so glad I got a shot where you could see it was bunnies

    B4- Thanks. I still feel like the colors should be a million times brighter though, because that's how it felt.

    Hippity- they are wonderful people with excellent color coordination.


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