Friday, October 22, 2010


Last night, as I was snuggling under covers,( holding the cat hostage next to me because goddamnit you do nothing else to contribute to my life cat, so at the very least you are going to add to the collected body warmth under the comforter), I had the idea that we should take 15 minutes out of every episode of the Kardashians reality show, and hand out cards with vocabulary words on them. Then the family members could stand around quizzing each other, like a spelling bee, only a spelling bee where we get to watch Kim try to spell Sassafras for five minutes.

Because I would totally watch that. Also, it would be educational.


  1. That is a brilliant idea Bridget. I wonder if anyone will ever be able to answer the question of why people actually watch programming like the Kardashians anyway. And people ridicule me for wathing Cops!

  2. But I would totally ridicule you for watching Cops too.

    What might be fun is to have everyone on Cops, the arrestors and the arrestees, take quizzes about the Constitution.

    I think I just want to turn every reality show into PBS Kids afternoon programming.

  3. In my experience, holding the wrong cat hostage under the covers is a pretty risky thing to do.
    Thank god I have never heard of these Kardashian people (I think. Can't be sure, since I've never heard of them, but it seems like I should be glad).

  4. The cats and I have an understanding. I feed them. They provide warmth. No negotiations.

  5. I could do that for you and you wouldn't have to mess with a litter box. But I'm sure you have plenty of that kind of proposal. I know. Not funny.

  6. is it wrong that depending on the girl saying it sassafras is a damn sexy word?

    I've probably said too much.

    That idea would improve the show by the way.

  7. B- It's still funny.

    CP - There is a reason I thought of that word.

  8. I've learned a lot watching Cops. "you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law....." I've also learned that a cop can smash your face into the ground if you don't put your hands behind your back. Also, most perps are very polite when apprehended. They say things like, "i'm very sorry officer" and "I don't know whose white powdery subtance that is sir".

  9. Laundry detergent. It's always laundry detergent.


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