Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things Have Been Going On

This going to be a thing now, so just get used to pressing play.

This is going to be one of the posts where I just ramble on about some things, and I'm not going to strive for any coherent theme, other than, you know, my life. Which is a theme of some sort, just not the sort you would expect to get any kind of passing grade on. Doug gets mad at me if I don't do things like this every once in a while, because then he doesn't know what I've been doing in real life, and that's my fault because I've been rocking the "I hate having a phone" lifestyle.

Let's talk about that first. I love not having a phone. I mean, I actively love it, wanna make out with it, wanna spend the rest of my life in a non-phone having state (which I think is Montana, right?). I turned it off originally in the pits of the summer, as a way to not only ensure the Ex couldn't call me or text me, but also that I couldn't call him or text him. I mean, no one is more notorious for the drunk text than me (also him). In this respect, it has been awesomely and wonderfully effective. I talk to my friends through Facebook and twitter, which is the main way I was talking to them through out the day anyway. People email me. It's only been a pain a few times, when coordinating goings out, but I'll trade the peace of my daily existence for a few inconvenient evenings.

However, I totally didn't make any sort of post about it, and now that I'm out being more social, I keep running into people who are all like "hey, I sent you a text like a month ago". I apologize profusely and quietly.It'll be snowy before long, and I'll get a phone then. Probably. This is how I've ended this particular conversation with everyone, but I feel less and less confident in each repetition.

So listen, if you're not willing to work with my retro-ness, just send me a postcard.

Speaking of plans, it's sort of like if I don't keep a tight leash on my evenings, they run all around the neighborhood and do things like eat bologna from strangers that they shouldn't, and poop in other people's yards. I realized yesterday that I have exactly one night free for the next 5 weekends. And there is something I could do that night, only I suspect by the time Nov.5th comes around, all I will feel like doing is staying home and eating pie. Yes, doesn't that sound great? Having every fucking weekend filled with stuff I want to do, (though yes, the pie thing sounds great too). Except, when that thought formed in my head last night, I immediately got dicey. Like, what the fuck, what if better things come up? That is exactly the attitude I hate in some people, the whole "I can't commit to this not because there is something definite but just because". Screw that. I will embrace each and every one of these plans, and then I will not commit to anything for the rest of January, deal? Every time I go out, I will bring home embossed paper napkins and use them to build an igloo. I will cement them with my spit. Biodegradable.

I work hard
(she works hard)
Everyday of my life - and I try and I try and I try -

There's this Turning River thing, which has turned into a wonderful excuse to get together on Monday nights, play writing games, and write about uncomfortable things. You should submit things there, and join in the fun. Jere and I are awesome at that kind of thing, so now there's also Andrew, and other people I like. I've learned to drink hard liquor, like, almost magically. So I got to hang out with Sarah more, which is always a highlight, she's like sunshine. Really wry sunshine. We did this on Ohio Authority recently. I've been really enjoying my friends this last month. Everyone is just as interesting as I need them to be. Thanks for being so considerately you, you.

I'm shutting the storm windows in my house one by one, as I get cold piece by piece. My house is still very dirty, but I feel that storm coming too. It's one thing to have a dirty house when you never leave it. It's a different thing when you are regularly experiencing "coming home" to it. You start to notice smells, for one. I've gotten leaps and bounds better about buying groceries, and I've cut my smoking down to 3 a day when I'm at home, which is a huge improvement from the half a pack I had descended to in July. This is where my mother, reading this, shakes her head and inwardly yells at me. I currently have no dirty dishes in my sink. Because I haven't used any since I threw the last sinkful out. (that is a joke, but also, it's not)

My hair is going through a super cute phase. Mad Men was fucking awesome this season. Italian Vogue is on crack and in love with Tyra. Christine O'Donnell is like a Sarah Palin Halloween costume your stupid aunt wore two years ago.

What else? Oh, yeah. This feeling that a wall has been built around me, brick and stone, and no matter what I choose to hand you over the wall, it doesn't mean you got anything important. That's a good winter feeling. I'm all stocked up on feelings for the cold months.

Anything Else? Ask Me. Also, because Doug asked for it. This whole post is just for you Douggie. Tell Buddy he will get a post too, when I get my fucking tiara in the mail. Fuck yeah tiaras.


  1. I highly encourage you to keep up with the hard liquor and writing.

    sincerely, little "I like the drunken ones" big

  2. Is it weird that I love to quote you back to you? Yes? Doing it again.

    "This feeling that a wall has been built around me, brick and stone, and no matter what I choose to hand you over the wall, it doesn't mean you got anything important. That's a good winter feeling. I'm all stocked up on feelings for the cold months."

    Any chance there's enough room in that fort for two? I'll bring my bedazzler...

  3. In my fort, all the liquor bottles are bedazzled. Except the...

  4. THANK YOU for the update. I miss you! I'm reading Dune. Have you ever read it?


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