Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eagle Market - Oh Consumption My Nearest and Dearest

Remember when consumption use to be a disease people died of?

Of course, people still do die because of consumption, but not that kind. More like the "5 Patty Bacon Double Death, 15 different kinds of marmalade at the grocery store, pre-packaged chocolate, bleached sugar, corn syrup coming from your gills" kind.

Eventually we're all going to be eating algae and flavored soy proteins. Don't you read? Don't you know this deep down in your tempura battered veins, in the recesses of your broken potato chip heart? This is the future, the extinction of the cow and pig due to lack of viable grazing land and rampant disease, a soil devoid of nutrition, plants grown expensively in tanks, tomatoes as a sign of wealth. Algae and soy will be the cheaper method of food production which takes up far less resources, feeds everybody, and tastes probably awful but seriously when its all we have left, we'll get used to it. All because you fuckers couldn't learn how to regulate when we had the chance. That's why everyone can wear jumpsuits in the future, because they eat fake bacon.

I wonder if vegans think it would be better to have cows, pigs, and chickens extinct rather than used as food sources? Because they would be already if they hadn't been discovered as useful. If we had never learned to eat them, chickens might know how to fly.

So this is what the end of the world looks like. Empty trays of Bubbalicious. Signs proclaiming a 69 cent sale on boxes of nothing. Mythical creatures depicted as butchering blocks. Empty places that remind of us of where everything went wrong.

More pictures of Eagle Market Apocaplyse Cow here.


  1. OMG. I want the cow sign from the fourth picture down.

  2. I KNOW. There was a giant corn lying on the floor, but it was NOT AS COOL.

  3. And there was a big pink filthy-ass teddy bear lurking in a shadowy corner.

  4. I want to build a fort with plastic strawberry cages.


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