Friday, September 28, 2012

Winner and Losers and Those of Us Who Don't Play

ALRIGHT I used a random number generator to pick a winner for the Shabby Apple contest, and Gunner is it! Only I don't know who Gunner is, and they didn't leave an email address. So...I'm going to give them a day to get back to me, read this or otherwise telepathically realize there is a crisis in the fabric of the universe and the crisis is I have this fabric for you. Or like, a gift card for fabric. That's weird, huh? Anyway, holla' back.

 (update: Hey, it's Lindsay! Congratulations Lindsay! Now you have to make out with me next time I'm in town, that's how this works.)

 One of my favorite parts of being alive right now is that despite being 750 miles away from most of my friends, I can still have Jere call me a cab when I'm stuck somewhere the next morning without a cell, or call the Prince and let him know I'm leaving to get home late at night and he should call the police if I don't call him in 30 to check in, or my friend can go on an ok cupid date and send me the guys address asking me to check in with her tomorrow morning just to be sure. I guess what I'm saying is I love the false sense of security the internet gives us.

 I have so many things to finish this weekend - a book, a dramatic scene, a new Good Men Project article, and a blog post for the Awkward Sex Show Monday. So....I'm going to go do that then. Bye. *disappears into a rabbit hole of coffee, pizza, and excessive sex related tweets that happen every time I get bored and want to be distracted by people flirting with me online.*

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