Monday, September 10, 2012

Banana Bread and Passion Pit

I had my first experience of another guy getting up at mic and making fun of me for all my whorish jokes. It was okay. The interesting part was later when I was telling two other comics about it, and I realized that Chris had used the expression "gaping maw", and because that was a phrase Peter used to use all the time, I was sentimentally inclined to like Chris more because of it. Which is when I finally decided that actually I wasn't offended at all, because up till that point I was feeling pretty unsure about it. I'm glad I was unsure about it though, I was worried this place was eroding my feminist sensibilities with it's weird passive aggressive misogyny masquerading as chivalry, which I enjoy too much for my own good.

I stayed up pretty late making dinner and watching Felicity. I have to stop watching that show. It's got to the point where more often than not, I stop in the middle of an episode because I can't take one more simpering wise look from Keri Russell, and jump forward to the next one. I don't even know why I move forward, I guess I'm hoping something super crazy will happen, like in the first season when a girl got date raped and then everyone just sort of forgot about it. Also, all the little J.J.Abrams touches are driving me nuts, like Megan's Box, and the weirdly sarcastic dream sequences. That show needs to be a show about a bunch of writers who have to work on a college kid soap opera, and keep trying to rebel from within the system, but are actually all just out of college themselves, and then you get another layer of their own personal drama through the in-jokes they write in the show, but you never actually meet them. I need to stop rewriting the deeper meanings of really bad tv. Nobody cares about my Dissociative Theory of Gossip Girl.

Last night I went to the third floor of some storefront downtown, and watched a French New Wave heist film. So last night was good. The streets are starting to take on those familiar comforting details.

This morning I woke up at noon only because the Prince called to tell me about boat wiring and ask me about t-shirts. I made some requisite "give me a job please" follow up calls, and then tried to make banana bread, because I had let an entire bunch of bananas turn brown, as I am wont to do. So I've been puttering around the kitchen, drinking so much coffee, and just sort of throwing things into a bowl that look like they might go into banana bread. I didn't have eggs, or baking soda, and I didn't want to use my last stick of butter.'s what ended up in them?

6 bananas
2 cups raw sugar
a lot of ginger
vanilla extract
No Cinnamon, because even though we have three full kitchen cabinets devoted to our landlords spice collection, there is no cinnamon.
cup applesauce
vanilla yogurt
vegetable oil
ancho chile
crushed mint
cappuccino mix
sweet red wine
fish oil (for depth)

Then they went into the oven for about 90 minutes, and the insides are still a little fruit jelly like, but it's holding together like bread is supposed to, and it tastes really need a job. And to write couplets for class tomorrow.

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