Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tonight at the Movies, It Got Real Bad

Tonight I went to Thalian Hall to see a movie, the Queen of Versailles. The movie is a documentary about the downfall of David Seigel, a timeshare billionaire who tried to build the biggest house in all of America, only to have the foreclosure meltdown send his business into a tailspin. The movie is mostly about his wife and 7 children, and their ridiculous lifestyle and them trying to adjust to a "budget".

I got to the movie very early because I wasn't sure how crowded this place would get. The crowd was all hovering around fifty, I saw like 5 people maybe my own age. Three older women sat down behind me, and as we were all sitting around waiting, one of them started to tell her companions about this eye opening documentary she had just seen, called Obama 2016.

"So it's all about how his dad was a polygamist, did you know that? Yeah, so his father was with his mom, and then he got really really socialist, and his mom decided she wasn't okay with it anymore, so she divorced him after two years. And then he went back to Africa and had a lot of wives and a ton more children. And Obama didn't even see his father for the second time till he was like ten, so he was so happy and totally idolized him. And one of his half sisters even came to see him and try to tell him what their dad was like, but he just really wants to be just like him.

"So that does a lot for being able to understand why he does the things he does. Like, no matter party you're in, everyone should see it before they make a decision. Like, they brought a psychologist in and gave him Obama's profile, like his background, and asked him what it would do to a person? And he said it would totally make them want to take over the world and be someone really important. And like, it totally explains why he gave that bust of Churchill back to England, like first thing he did in office. Because his dad was from Africa and they were all colonized by Britain, and so because of his father, Obama is really anti-colonization. He really just wants to take us all down, like dismantle everything, he really wants to bring us into socialism."

She went on to talk about how black people were so happy that they had a black person in the presidency, which was of course nice for them, but given his policies, we really can't afford to be so cavalier about who runs our country.

At this point her companion jumped in and said that her friend had said the same thing, but her friend was really lightskinned, so there was obviously some racial mixing there, and really black people were just happy because they still wanted tons of handout.


At this point I was doing everything I could not to turn around and engage these women. I did shift my bag though so my "A Women's Place is in Her Union" was displayed a little more prominently.

"You know that the reason Obama is so anti-Israel is because that's actually where the Second Coming is going to happen."

"Well I really believe in the 2012 theory, and I think people don't understand this, but this election, since it's so close to the end, is really a battle between good and evil."

And that's when the movie started.

And for however long it was, these women laughed at how ridiculous and awful this family of super rich conservatives was, who had practically funded the entire Bush campaign in Florida, and laughed at how clueless he was about banks and being owed anything, and THE ENTIRE THING WENT OVER THEIR HEADS.

At one point they showed a photo of Siegel with Palin, and one of them went "oh look!" with an excited smile.

At the end, as I got up to leave, I heard the first woman say "That movie wasn't at all what I expected. I can't believe Patty wanted to see that twice."


  1. Seriously though, I like that the plot of that anti-Obama movie is like "he's critical of imperialism & slavery, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?"

  2. I left this out, but at one point she said "so really, he's a child not of America but of the world" and I thought "which is why I fucking voted for him."

  3. Most of these bozos have no fuckin idea what Socialism is and how it works in countries such as Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway...and why those countries are so much better to their citizens than we are. The more informed, well-travelled a person is, the more that person wants to stay away from America. As an aside, I expect to run into these types of imbeciles pretty much everywhere and every time I go out.

  4. It's like some crazy cult and "2016" is one more brainwashing tool. The things I'm seeing and reading are just sickening. Literally turning my stomach with subtle and blatant racism.

  5. I think, not like a cult, it is a cult. It's defined by knowing 'it's what WE do / are doing' (always reminds me of the people in 'Rosemary's Baby'). It's always oppositional to 'I', 'me' or 'self'. It's always about other people the same - similarly frightening, threatening - you can and (very important)'s can't see at the time, about the threat of more and eventual critical mass.

    When it's about "we" and that "I never can be" (which is never explicity stated), it's also about "not you" - to intimidate, frighten in the dumbing down and ongoing loss of mind.

    Anyway, there are still people, beyond this. Always will be. Maybe just not very many!

  6. ... a person may or may not know it is 'eating them'. Scary. Some definitely more than just know, they will the moronicness so intensely.

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