Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's Kinda F-ed is That I will be 49 when this happens again

The moon, wandering alone between the stars and the clouds, every 18 years can no longer resist the pull of the Earth, and has to come closer. Just for a visit right? Just a quick romp and back to business as usual. It doesn't, like, mean anything. It's not like the moon is looking for anything serious. The moon has other things to think about after all, like its wide circle of friends, and all those various moon projects it's got going on.

And after all, there is the serious danger that the earth will swallow the moon whole, just pull it crashing into pieces in the center of it, and then everything will explode and look, that could totally happen at any second. You don't know the plan of the universe. Sure it all seems like clockwork and surety, but if everything's a cycle, and it's all in little increments of years, but then those increments get longer and longer the bigger you go, then how do you know that some unknown crazy millennium long cycle isn't going to come due, like, tomorrow? How do you know for sure that it isn't the very end of the cycle right now? There's a beginning and an end, and we have no idea where either one is. Things are ending and beginning all around us all the time.

Everyone here on earth is walking around in their own private cycles, and they keep bumping into other people's cycles willy nilly (I see a mass of people all wearing hula hoops, wandering around aimlessly in bumper car dance patterns, that's us). That seems to keep working. Only very once in a while does something get severely derailed, and then the huge human system just starts to work the wound clean and closed again. Like ants. Or blood cells coagulating and skin cells regrowing. So the moon tells itself that hey maybe it doesn't matter what happens, you just gotta do what you feel like, what the universal forces are telling you to. The moon is a little bit of a fatalist, though if you corner it one night at a party, it will furiously deny it. The moon is made of contradictions.

Also it's patently incapable of not being in a story. Like, if something just makes sense at the time, then why try to resist the tentacles of light rising up from the great glowing cities on the dark continents? It's so pretty and sparkly and the moon had forgotten how fun it was to get as close as possible to the bulbs, until it can see spots and colors on the back of it's moon eyelids.

And then rush back again, a moon rabbit, to sense and sensibility. Having adventures.


  1. I think I just coughed a hairball at that thought. Ack.

  2. I like Roy Orbison.

    Yeah, I am going to read up on some of your recent posts... like the one with the song by the Gerbils. I think you are an excellent writer and photographer... because you love what you are doing your talent is obvious... I wonder if you will remember all the little people when your book turns into a award winning movie (yes, I do think you should write a book and it will become a movie, but what the heck do I know?)...

    31... I remeber being that age... wasn't that long ago if you are measuring with light-years and such...

  3. Um. I forgot what I was going to say again. Damnit.


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