Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16: Alex is Going to Cut A Bitch One of These Days

Bridget: so I get that Alexandria is recording her commentary for these episodes after the fact, but did they have to record all of them in the big blue hair bow?
Sarah: I know, I hate it
Bridget: because it is making me think of Ms Piggy in Muppet Babies
This week's LiveBlog: The Commercial.

Sarah: what's with the tiny hat?
Bridget: I want that giant silver carp shirt
but yeah, that hat is way too small
Sarah: she's like a French clown
Bridget: like, she's a tiny midget thug
a french midget thug clown
Sarah: "help me open my jar of rainbows!"
Bridget: "life is sad and therefore we drink!"
Sarah: "now ride away with me, on my invisible pennyfarthing!"
Bridget: "the moon is crying"

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