Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pothole Personals

"its hard to describe myself. every one says that i know. i guess i could be seen as a bad boy"

"I want to meet interesting, open minded, and smart women. Who in joys living life."

"A tolerance of sports would be great and if they played golf.....bonus....although that is not a deal breaker..hah! Doesn't mind a late night pillow chat session. But most importantly, someone that gets me and allows me to get them! "

"People that are cruel and abuse animals are bad in my opinion. I want someone that like animals too. You should want to spend time with me and be affectionate."


  1. This is a depressing reminder of how terrible online dating is. Maybe you heard these in a bar. It would make it better, but still depressing.

  2. Can I pick the song for this post?


  3. Radarless - if I had heard it in a bar, at least the grammar and lack of capitalization wouldn't offend me so much.

    Ells - Done.

  4. I was afraid of that.Online dating profiles always remind me of that scene in Magnolia when John C. Reilly is recording his profile for a dating site. He ended up with a coke addict hooker who was molested by her father. Love wins in the end.

  5. I mean, he made a really good decision leaving that C in there.

  6. Hell yeah.It gives his name PUNCH.


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