Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seriously though, this song.

The thing to do, when you're feeling blue, is to find someone to go drink with and try to be charming for. Being charming for someone else will remind you quicker than almost anything how you like to dance in the car, and hang out talking to strangers at the bar, and sucking at pool, and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show with the sound off. That's the thing to do. Helpful hints: make sure it is raining outside. Don't wear a coat. When you walk across the parking lot, you should feel the wind in your skirt. Make sure you don't care what you look like. Have someone around who will compliment the color of your nails because it doesn't go with anything else you are wearing. Specifically because of that. Maybe get your haircut right before you go out. Bite your lip a lot. I bite my lip all the time. It probably looks dumb as shit, but I can't help it. These are the things that make you what you are to other people, the way you make eye contact and the gestures you make while smoking your cigarette. Dancing in the car is key to this though, good music in the car is so much more important to our mental states than maybe we acknowledge. Almost, every time I go out, this is the thing that defines the night, what I'm bouncing to while driving in the just slightly chilly Cleveland spring night with the wet reflections all around you, and your cheeks flushed, and your eyes smiling, everything dark and disco around you. Trees shining with rain. Soundtracks. Soundtracks are the key.

The thing is I'm wonderful in the car. Spend anytime driving with me, and you'll like me more than you want to admit. And me, I'm so in love with everything while in the car, I'm in love with everything sometimes. Even after the worst day, put me in a car and drive me somewhere, I'll be back like crackerjack.

Also, This Happened.


  1. Love this especially. Yes. I do.

  2. Seriously though, THAT SONG!!!

    *snaps fingers, chair shimmies*

  3. You know what's great about good nights? They unlock your ability to see good things the next day. It's like a really good night is a windshield wiper.


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