Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cleveland Photo Contest!


 I had to get that out first.

 It's called 67 Things to Miss About Cleveland. And will be available for purchase November 15th.

 But now my editor is requesting I get photos for each thing on my list, and since I don't live in Cleveland myself anymore, I need some help.

 So here's the game. If you'd like to be published in my book, with photo credit, email me submissions at sharpshinyclaws@gmail.com, with a header explaining which Awesome Cleveland Thing your photo is for. You can also submit for more than one thing. I will pick my three favorite photos, and each winner will receive a free copy of the book! (note: I am self publishing, so three is probably the limit I'll be able to afford. I'm in SCHOOL darn it. Also, unfortunately I can't otherwise compensate photos that make it in. So this is for fun, darlings, not pay.)

 The deadline is November 1st, 2012. Good luck and happy shooting!

 Here's the list! You'll notice it's only 66 things. Because I've got 67 covered.

 67 Things To Miss About Cleveland

1. Cinematheque
2. Edgewater Beach
3. Chicken Fried Rice (Johnny Mango's)
4. ABC Tavern
5. The Grog Shop
6. The Beachland Ballroom
7. My Friends Deli
8. Wendy Park
9. Secret Beach
10. Fulton Bridge
11. Patti’s Taco Night (at Merry Arts)
12. The Capitol Theater
13. The Steel Mill
14. Day Boating
15. The Thunderstorm Watching Street
16. Night Boating
17. Pizza Bagels (WSM)
18. Tina’s Karaoke
19. Parking Garage on E. 6th
20. The Art Museum
21. Northcoast Beverage
22. Taking the Rapid Down Shaker Boulevard
23. Tower City at Night
24. East Coast Custard
25. St. Herman’s House of Hospitality
26. 480 Valley View Bridge
27. The Natural History Museum
28. The River Road Bridge
29. The Cleveland Zoo
30. The Arcade
31. The Pet Food store on Clark Ave. (and 54th)
32. Marta’s
33. Happy Dog
34. Windmills
35. Lava Lounge
36. The Ugly Broad
37. Rainbows in Parking Lots
38. The People Painted on the Side of Brookpark Lanes
39. Angelo’s Pizza
40. La Petit Triangle
41. Hessler Street
42. The West Side Market
43. Prosperity Social Club
44. Memphis Kiddie Park
45. Jack Frost Donuts
46. The Batting Cages (at Lost Nation Sports Park)
47. Virginia Kendall State Park
48. Mentor Headlands
49. Monroe St. Cemetery
50. The Telescope Factory (Warner Swasey)
51. Gypsy Bean coffeeshop
52. Thursdays Lounge on Saturdays
53. Velvet Tango Room
54. Downtown Cleveland library
55. Big Creek Parkway
56. Greenhouse Tavern
57. Nick’s Diner/Diana's Bakery (Storer and 46th)
58. The Towpath
59. Reddstone
60. The Lorain Carnegie Bridge
61. Cave Du Vin
62. Gibb’s Butcher Block
63. Rocky River Reservation
64. The Master Screw Building
65. The Cuyahoga River
66. Driving Out of Cleveland

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  1. feel free to poach any and all cleveland photos from chowbacca or goofballs. xoxo


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