Saturday, June 13, 2009

St. Joseph's Byzantine: Where the Crazy Giant Space Bugs Live

It's been a hellish surreal last two weeks. It's like I was immediately catapulted into the crap I had to fight through last June, and the last year of my life never existed in the first place. Imagine dealing with the finally permanent break-up of the guy you loved for the last seven years. Now imagine dealing with that break-up twice. I know, it's my own fault. But taking blame for getting myself in the same circumstances doesn't assuage the dread I have of the next three months. I remember those three months last year. I was productive, I was full of hobbies, I was drunk a lot, and I was miserable. So, you know, good times ahead.

Lucky for me, Cleveland is an aging industrial pit of despair and rapidly forgotten old people culture that has been infiltrated by a colony of brain sucking alien vermin. And also lucky for me, I'm a lot braver than I was before. I ain't scared of no bugs.

As you can see, the Space Bugs have eaten most of the viable structure, and all that's left now is the shell of the building, and heaps of broken timber, which the Space Bug hive queen breaks up to use as a nest, and that her babies then devour as they emerge from their cocoons.

Evidence of humans suggests that the space bugs have enslaved a few strongmen, who go out into the streets and capture more prey for them, thus eliminating the need to expose their vulnerable living quarters. It appears they drag them under the altar, a safe dark catacomb with which to juice their flesh.

I wonder if the space bugs stare at the old paintings and wonder about our winged ancestors who were obviously more advanced than our current race of squirmy soft shell-less maggots. They probably wouldn't use the word maggot though. We're probably not good enough to be called maggots.

The neighborhood, silent, still, and cursed, cowers before the Gaping Maw.* For a deeper look into the colony, go here.

*That's not true at all. There were, like, tons of people around. Also, there's a new church like right next to it. Probably run BY the Space Bugs.


  1. Wow. These are amazing. And that they are in Cleveland, not post-war western Europe - that's amazing, too. Great work!

  2. I can't even handle how crazy beautiful and haunting this all is. . .

    Wow is right.


  3. Thanks guys! You should go out there.

  4. Where about the Cleveland area is this located?


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