Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wilmington Update Number 2

Oh my god I'm so sick. I woke up Tuesday feeling like I had Dengue fever. I got on gchat with the Prince and somehow managed to lift my shaky fingers enough to type out "am i dying of malaria?" 

I am not dying of malaria, it turns out. In the United States last year they had like 1500 cases of malaria, and 1499 of them were from blood transfusions. Mom, I do not need you to write me an email about drinking. It was probably my air filter. My landlord fixed the central air the day before, and I think some virus or bacteria or alien parasite sitting in the vents came after me while I was dreaming. So for the last 4 days I've been in and out of bed sporadically, eating nothing, drinking tea, and watching a lot of bad Hulu tv, which is the worst kind of bad tv cause it's not even the tv you would pick if you could. I am getting better, slowly. And I DID go to my school orientation yesterday, though I did not take the bus, I called a cab. And I skipped out on most of the presentations to sleep on a picnic table underneath some pine trees and crepe myrtle in the shade, which was easily a better decision than a walking tour of that 2 miles squared campus in 95 degree heat and 88% humidity led by weirdly bright and glowing undergraduate hosts in phosphorescent teal polo shirts, giving a whole new meaning to the word "day glo". But I made it to my advising meeting in plenty of time, somehow managed to leave a good impression on my academic advisor even though I was incapable of actually talking (or perhaps because of), and then took a cab back home to watch five hours of Supernatural with my roommate Danielle. Which is what I'm probably going to do again today. 

I will say this: I was unprepared for how fucking pretty all the little college kids would be. Fucking puppies. Fucking dolls. Where were all the awkward finding-themselves freshmen? Everyone at orientation was a Sears model. Thankfully, they also had their parents with them, to keep the delusion grounded. 

So anyway, the first photo. Did you know the ocean exists at night! And you're allowed to go by it! And no one will kick you out! And then sometimes you might also see your first shooting stars ever. By the ocean. At night. WHAT. I think getting sick might be karmic punishment for getting that.

The neighborhood bar where I will be spending an appropriate amount of time MOM. I went in there the other day and the bartender asked if I was Bridget, because some girl named Lindsey who I don't remember meeting said there was some new girl in town named Bridget who was cool. So THAT kind of bar. Also Danielle asked the same bartender to make a Mongolian Motherfucker, and he totally did it, so points. 

This photo is specifically for Krissie because I feel like she will probably recognize it from some episode of Dawson's Creek. I myself have nothing more to say about it. Downtown is nice. I'm glad I live closer to it than I do to campus. There are bike corrals everywhere. 

Palm trees. 

After deliberation with Mom, it's been agreed upon that it sounds like I had West Nile. Fever, chills, sweating, vomiting bile, no appetite, swollen throat and lymph nodes, migraine. The Prince remains unconvinced, but I'm getting better by the hour today, like now I can actually make intelligible noises with my mouth, so thank god I didn't have to blow the money on an emergency room visit.

The Cape Fear River, which just seems like the worst name for a river ever. Hey guys, here's this new river we discovered, what should we name it? Oh, I don't know, why don't we just say fuck the river, and remind everyone they are going to die at the end of it. Okay, sounds good. 

I have not gotten to that port there in the distance yet, but I'm a gonna.

And then last but not least, our pet outdoor cat Calliope. Who gets a scoop of food every morning, and you have to make sure to chase off that tomcat that's been coming around. 

Okay, I'm going back to bed. 


  1. love the Salinger quote you added to the bottom of the blog. I don't know if I'm just not very perceptive or just that fucking lazy so I've never scrolled to the bottom to see it, but I'm 75% sure it's a new addition. Either way, it is one of my favorites & as someone who never met you in CLE but is simply a "fan" of your writing -- I hope you know that that author could be you. best of luck in NC!

  2. Aw thanks, but that quote has been there from the beginning actually :) It's where I got the name for the blog.

  3. whoooo yay you are there, and you were also there last entry too but i've been in the mountains for a week. must be a strange place, the mayors have names like "bill saffo"

  4. I'm with OBM - your post is a great book I don't want to put down.


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