Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm too old for multiple choice

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I wonder if I can write about how the Internet is our new God, and how we must all respect the growing power of the Digital Squid, which seeks to integrate all of our spirits into one Great Loving Open Community of Electronic Identity.  We will only be Electrons! Resist the Protons!  Or maybe I'll write about the last person to disappoint me, which led to me desperately trying to get out of town before I have to start plucking grey hairs from my eyebrows and therefore applying to school like a goddamn 19 yr old. Surprise Twist! It was me!

I should probably just write about Gabrielle Gifford.  I want to marry an astronaut too. Also write a book. Dear school, how will you assist me with writing a book and marrying an astronaut and also being a pretty smart blonde?

What if I've never been inspired by anything ever?


  1. I indicate you, anonymous recipient. Because you have influenced me to break the fourth wall (as it were). My formative exprience has been heavy on material excess, light on cultural expression, and as a denizen of the suburban middle classes I tend to suppose that you, anonymous recipient, must wince privately whenever you see that someone has chosen to indicate a person who has influenced them. In my construcion of events you see these words and anticipate a few that will likely inexorably follow. Some tragic sentence where the name Jesus Christ and the phrase personal lord and savior are strung together without irony. Well I am satisfied to have proved your anticipations true. Perhaps I'm mistaken, perhaps you never participate in the broader low-brow world of suburbia, perhaps you yourself have made acceptance of Christ and my jocularity offends you. Or maybe, it is your dream, as an academic, to profoundly influence the lives of young artists. To have a positive impact on their formation as artists. Well again, I am pleased to fulfill your anticipations, for I, a young artist, am about to be profoundly influenced by you, anonymous recipient. Dreams. We have them. For myself I am sustained by dreams, and I suppose (being so sustained I am always supposing)that the fulfillment of dreams provides satisfaction and an avenue to new dreams. My dream is to get into college and, having satisfied that dream, I think I'll go on to dream anew, about succeeding at some enterprise involving writing, some half-formed story of mine being teased out and formed into something of substance, worthiness. Maybe you, anonymous recipient, maybe you had a similar dream, maybe you're working on that dream, maybe your dream is fragile and needs attention, or just a little help. Only a little help. Dreams, aspirations, they're ideas that need encouraging. Right now, you have the greatest influence over my life (I am indicating YOU) that anyone has ever exerted. All my dreams require is a little acknowledgment, a little approval, from you anonyous recipient, and I will be able to dream new and better, more hopeful dreams. I put this to you, and hope that you understand how little I am asking and how much it could mean.


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