Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Honor of National Consumer Week, I Have Found KFC's new recipe

This is a chicken and waffles popover. I got the recipe from Jolie Kerr at The Awl, and my friend Melinda helped me make them last night. By help, I mean Melinda basically made them and I was her sous, because she loves to bake and will step right in and do everything for you. Which I am going to keep in mind next time I need to contribute anything for a bake sale. I imagine that will probably be never.

 Basically it's a popover made with hot sauce, coated in honey frosting and topped with fried chicken. It looks messy and weird, but it tastes transcendental. There were exactly 12 of us last night, which corresponded with the muffin tin spaces, and everyone had one, and everyone but especially me wished there had been another batch. The last few we ate right out of the oven, and the frosting, which is basically butter and honey and sugar, melted into this sticky awesome glaze. We substituted corn meal for 1/3rd of the flour, and used twice the hot sauce. For the chicken, I just used KFC popcorn chicken, because I didn't want to really fuck up my friends kitchen by making my own. I suppose if you are a immoral being driven only by pleasure with no sense of social responsibility, you could use Chik Fil A nuggets instead (I was particularly bitter about not being able to use them last night. Particularly).

 This is my Christmas present for all of you. Make these. It takes about 40 minutes, you can make them while you're a little tipsy with no issues, and everyone will think you are a)a culinary god b)exactly what's wrong with America. In fact, we should just name these American Cakes.


  1. I was going to make these Brazilian chicken rangoon things for a holiday party.

    You now have my rethinking my stategery and my shopping list.

  2. You should definitely make these instead. But let them cool completely first before frosting them.

  3. Those look really, really good. I might use Popeye's, though, instead of KFC. And I even have a popover pan.

  4. I think I will end up getting one. I think popovers should be the Cupcakes of 2012.


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